About us

 Abetech HullAdvanced Building & Environmental Technologies Ltd, (ABET) was set up to service a requirement and to fill a gap in the supply side of the system building industry.  Our aim being; simply and without compromise; to provide "a quality service to the highest possible standard, through consistency, reliability, professionalism and cost-effectiveness."  
Businesses operating within today's off-site prefabricated system building industry; with its fast rate of change and progressive development; require cost-effective, quality products to be created with speed and flexibility, if they are to exploit opportunities and ensure adequate returns on their invested capital.  

The Glazing Division of ABET was recently set up in March 2013 with the intention to concentrate on opportunities arising within the Aluminium framed glazing sector.  We have achieved a remarkably successful start-up to date and have rapidly established a highly valued reputation as a supplier of quality and value-for-money products and services.  The business is now developing very positively as a direct result of our due diligence and attention to detail in all aspects, and that can only be interpreted as an ongoing vote of confidence; reinforcing our faith; in our business ethic and offerings.

An important part of our operational aspiration is to manufacture quality, energy-efficient products. Achieving that aim will enable our clients and customers to gain the maximum, maintenance free usage and life expectancy from those products. It is also our abiding desire and intention to become progressively more competitive in the product specifications and the pricing structures, which we are offering.  With the above at the forefront of our minds, we have now made the strategic decision to expand our business by setting up a new uPVC manufacturing facility. This opportunity has arisen from increased enquiries and a growing demand for uPVC products from existing and potential clients.

portfolioAs you will hopefully appreciate, the Directors at ABET have a long and wide-ranging experience within the system building sector, from which we are already receiving substantial orders.  Along with that history, our production team also has over 25 years of knowledge and manufacturing experience in Architectural Glazing Systems.  We offer a flexibile approach, along with quality service, and are able to offer a full range of Aluminium and uPVC profiled products, including windows, doors and curtain walling systems to meet your precise requirements. 

Our  products and services are designed and engineered to meet our Clients' specific needs, and the ever-growing demands of the rapidly developing Modular and Traditional Building industries.

If we can be of assistance to you, we will appreciate the opportunity to tender for any projects that you are involved with, and will look forward to hearing from you soon.